Miracle, a ‘bad script’

The resurrection miracle by Pastor Alph Lukau was one big act based on a badly-written script by people who did not understand the basics. It was clearly a staged “resurrection” of a healthy man.

SA’s Pastor Alph Lukau “Raises” Zimbabwean Man Back From The Dead

From the video, one can see a number of things that do not add up:

Documents -They claim the man fell ill on Friday, was taken to a hospital, but could not be attended to because he did not have proper immigration documents.

The “landlady” alleges that she took him to a private clinic, where he “died” on Friday and was taken to a mortuary.

On Sunday, he was being purportedly taken to Zimbabwe for burial. It takes in the earliest, two days for someone with proper documents to have their burial papers to be processed before body repatriation. It takes at least a week for someone who doesn’t have any documents.

The Zimbabwean embassy, Consulate, SA Health department and SA Home Affairs, who issue these documents, were all closed on Saturday, so there is no way they could have processed any documents for Elliot’s body.

Parlours — The involvement of three funeral parlours in the handling of one person is suspicious. These people bought the coffin at Kingdom Blue for R5,500, stuck Black Phoenix stickers on their private vehicle and hired a Kings and Queens hearse for R2000 to transport them to Sandton, where the “miracle” act was staged.

Names — At Kingdom Blue, the coffin was bought for Proud Mlamnjwa as the deceased, at Kings and Queens, they registered him as Proud Sibanda and in their video, he is identified as Elliot. His employer knows him as Brighton.

Miracle announcement — The lady who made the announcement said “as they were driving past, the fingers of the corpse started moving.
This is someone supposedly in a coffin, which was in a hearse.

Who gets to see the fingers of a corpse in a wooden — opaque coffin without first tempering with the dead body? And why would one temper with the dead body except for a staged act? Even during body viewing, you only see the face. It looks like the initial act did not have the coffin and when the coffin part was added, they forgot to change the script.

Bad script — Since the man was already showing life, why keep him in a coffin for the pastor to “raise him”?

Basics — When someone is certified dead by a paramedic and taken to a morgue, a post mortem is done which involves dissecting the cadaver. After that, funeral parlours knit the eyes and the mouth before embalming the body with powder which slow down body decay. Some parlours even put the body on ice in the coffin.

Eating — Above all, someone who has been in a morgue for two days should, upon resurrecting, be rushed to a medical facility, but we saw Elliot or is it Brighton being paraded through church rituals. He then feasted on rice and meat instead of soup and porridge. The intestines are supposed to be frozen and since he “died” after coughing. What if he choked on some food which has still not been cleared?



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


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