Ministry of Health to recruit 1600 workers.

The Ministry said it is going to set up community health facilities to accommodate the 1 600 health workers. Government is set to hire 1 600 health workers in a move aimed at bringing health services closer to the people.

NursesIn a statement, the Ministry of Health and Child Care said Cabinet has already approved the recruitments. “The Ministry of Health and Child Care plans to open 1 600 health posts across the country and these vacancies have arisen as a result of the foundation of Universal Health Coverage.

This is a new concept in line with Primary Health Care where services are brought closer to the people,” said Mr Stephen Banda who heads the Policy and Planning department within the Ministry.

“The concept was approved by Cabinet last year and the Ministry is working on establishing community health facilities across the country. We are now working with the Treasury to ensure the construction of the facilities.” Mr Banda said the construction of pilot centres has already started.

“As soon as these are complete, we will test operations then spread the idea to other provinces. The village health centres will be run by Primary Care Nurses (PCN) who will report to the rural health facilities,” he said.

According to the Ministry, the development will make health care affordable and accessible at rural health facilities because resources will be available at the community level.

“The community facilities will offer a number of services which include outpatients consultations, follow-ups and refill of stable chronic disease patients, uncomplicated malaria diagnosis and treatment, vaccinations, health promotion activities in local areas as well as diagnosis of pregnancy and referring pregnant women for booking at rural or urban health centres” Mr Banda said.



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