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“Ministers, Distance Yourselves From Procurement, Stick To Your Jobs”

We’are apolitical: Zacc boss

ZACC through its chairlady Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo has warned cabinet ministers to stay clear of their ministry’s procurement’s and stick to their jobs, The Sunday Mail reports.

This comes after the government initiated a forensic audit into the scandal riddled Ministry Of Health procurement deals that cost Obadiah Moyo his job.

Speaking to the publication, Justice Matanda Moyo said:

Ministers must distance themselves from procurement because once they are involved junior officers will be forced to overlook the right procedures. Everyone must stick to their job.

Matanda Moyo also said they were working closely with the NPA to make sure that any charges levels against any corrupt individuals stick:

We are working together to plug all the loopholes to make sure that once a suspected corruption official is arrested, he cannot walk scot-free. We have enhanced co-operation among various anti-corruption bodie.