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Minister Priscah Mupfumira’s wealth can clear ESKOM arrears

Another night in custody for Mupfumira

Minister Priscah Mupfumira’s wealth can clear ESKOM arrears.

A concerned citizen has called upon the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission to diligently perform its duties. The citizen wrote a letter to the Chronicle editor suggesting that ZACC must recover wealth from corrupt individuals.

Another night in custody for MupfumiraThe writer notes that the wealth was adequate to actually bail out the nation from the economic crisis. We present below the letter as it appeared in the Chronicle.


Yes, there is sufficient wealth to run this country efficiently and it is being held in illegally acquired assets. The lifestyle audit and forfeiture clauses can address this anomaly if Zacc carries out its mandate. Corrective retribution is necessary.

People have lost their means of livelihood not because of laziness but because of others who brag about deliberately doing wrong and engaging in illegal activities without being arrested – just like that.

It is my contention that the wealth that lies idle is sufficient to clear ALL arrears that the State currently faces.

For example, Minister Priscah Mupfumira’s wealth can clear Eskom arrears. Look at that but how many people are suffering? People in the communities know who did what and where. The State must rightfully recover everything – what they acquired illegally down to teaspoons. People own more than one house in high-density areas at the expense of suffering lodgers facing greedy landlords who do not pay tax for the harvest, they get must be investigated.

People are running briefcase businesses and cheating others. Action is needed. This costs Government, people and future generations. Government has to be applauded for Zacc and I pray that the commissioners work round the clock with speed because the evidence is as available as oxygen, ask the citizens. Everybody with dubious wealth must account for it, please!



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