MINISTER DEFENDS KWESE, WHY SHOULD WE SUPPORT DSTV? | The sudden cancellation of Econet Kwese TV’s license was met with outrage by many who felt the country and the network were dealt a dealt a bad hand. Following the dismal announcement, Minister of Local Government Savior Kasukuwere was quick to express his indignation over the cancellation of the network.


Minister Kasukuwere expressed his disappointment in the cancellation and pointed out that the lucrative Kwese TV network was actually a good idea for the country. As a key supporter of indigenization, Kasukuwere lambasted DSTV , a South African based network question why it should continue to garner support. Added to the fact that DSTV has continued to frustrate it’s clients in the country over the payment methods considering the serious cash crisis.

Kasukuwere had nothing but praises for Econet which he pointed out has done more good than harm, including creating job opportunities in the country where the unemployment rate is staggering.

The cancellation of the network was such a heavy blow to both Econet and the masses who had already rallied behind the new network. Perhaps more disappointing was that the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe pulled the rug from under Econet just a day within the launch.It remains to be seen if a resolution can come out of the matter.



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