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Miner’s love messages to married ex leak

Miner’s love messages to married ex leak
Darlington Ndlovu

Miner’s love messages to married ex leak

A married top miner’s dirty sexual behaviour has been exposed after he sent a string of love messages proposing love to his former lover.

A source said Zimbabwe Miners Federation secretary for youth affairs Darlington Ndlovu was in love with a lady who is only named as Simo.

According to the source, they ended their love affair a couple of years ago.

But now, the source said, Ndlovu wants to revive the love affair despite the fact that Simo is now a married woman.

Simo confirmed that Ndlovu was her ex-lover and said he had been sending her love messages via WhatsApp begging her to once again fall in love with him.

She even revealed that she pretended to love him. She vehemently denied that she has once again fallen in love with her ex.

“Darlington Ndlovu is my ex. We met last year and exchanged phone numbers because I sell chickens. Then we started to text each other.

There is nothing between the two of us. His wife once phoned me accusing me of being in love with Darlington and I denied because I’m not in love with him,” she said.

She continued: “Please don’t write the story, you will ruin my marriage.”

Contacted for a comment Ndlovu said his phone was hacked and he knows the person behind the leaked WhatsApp messages.

“My phone was hacked by someone who wants to ruin my reputation. The person who hacked my phone was involved in a fight with a person I exchanged chats with.”

Pressed to comment he said: “Just go ahead with your story. I will reveal more after the story is published.”

In the string of WhatsApp messages that B-Metro is in possession of, Ndlovu claims that he still has undying love for his ex.

Ndlovu: Uyazi izolo bengithi uzangithi hug and kiss (I thought you were going to hug me and kiss me)

Simo: Ubalekile (You quickly left)

Ndlovu: Angibalekanga.

Simo: Do you know that I’m married and you are my ex. Kodwa ubozoyimela ihugg yami lekiss yami

Ndlovu: I was more than ready

Simo: Ngihloniphe umama obuhambanaye. I will give you a small kiss esihlathini.

Ndlovu : love you

Simo : Manga. I thought okwethu kwadlula kudala.

Ndlovu: Ngeke kudlule. Ngangikuthanda ngenhliziyo yami yonke. I still feel it lamanje.

Simo: Ah inzima lendaba

Ndlovu : Yikho okukhona

Simo: Izolo uhamba loba

Ndlovu : Ngu landlord

Simo: Kukhanya umenzela kuhle ulandlord lize lihambe lobabili ebusuku.

Ndlovu: Yaa ngibhadala ngendlela.

Ndlovu : Iyaphefumula

Simo : Ngiyakukhanuka sithandwa sami

Ndlovu : Inkinga yikuthi sibanengi kuwe lapho

Simo : Libangaki.

To be continued next week.

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