Mathias Mhere is one of Zimbabwe's best gospel artists. Mhere rose to prominence in 2012 with his album. "Anoita Minana" which carried the hit "Favour" which topped the gospel charts.


By | Kelvin Matore

The Jacaranda Room at RAINBOW Towers will be transformed into a temple of worship tonight as Mathias Mhere releases his 10th CD, “Thanksgiving.”

The much-anticipated record launch, which is expected to draw some of the capital’s most powerful people, is a celebration of God’s love.

Mhere expressed gratitude to God for his ability to provide for his family while also serving the Lord throughout the Covid -19 pandemic.

Jah Prayzah, Mambo Dhuterere, and Dorcas Moyo are among the performers expected to perform. The 33-year-old stated everything was in place for the release of his album.

“Everything is in place right now because we want to make it a major event,” said the organiser.

“All of the musicians on the bill, including Jah Prayzah, Dorcas Moyo, and Mambo Dhuterere, will be there.”

“Jah Prayzah is the honoured guest, and Mambo Dhuterere and Dorcas will perform.” This album launch will be unique in that we will be focusing on God’s grace,” he explained.

Mhere, who like wine keeps on maturing with each project, has roped in the trio of Cymplex, Gibson Makumbe and Wizzy, to co-produce the album.

It carries 10 tracks – ‘‘Mukadzi Akanaka’’, ‘‘Taura Naye’’, ‘‘Check Your Time’’, ‘‘Sungano’’, ‘‘Izita Rake’’, ‘‘Kupfuma Ishungu’’, ‘‘Nyasha Ndione’’, ‘‘Shanda Mudzimai’’, ‘‘Mukundi’’ and ‘‘Amen’’, featuring Gary Tight. To date, Mhere has finished recording all the 10 videos with the visuals of ‘‘Mukadzi Akananaka’’ set to be unveiled tonight at the album launch.

Besides his 10th album, ‘‘Thanksgiving’’, Mhere has been recording consistently for the past decade in the game.

Talitakumi, Tinoda Nyasha, Anoita Minana, Nguva yeNyasha, Glory to Glory, Double Double, Old Testament, Panogara Nyasha, and Greater Than Solomon are among his many albums. Along with Janet Manyowa, Minister Michael Mahendere, Takesure Zamar, Mambo Dhuterere, Dorcas Moyo, and Sabastian Magacha, Mhere is considered one of the best gospel performers of his time.

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