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Met Department Warns Of A Dry Spell

Heat Wave To Hit Zim Tomorrow

Zimbabwe’s Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has warned of a dry spell that will follow the rains recorded this week across the country.

Some parts of the country this week recorded heavy rainfalls that some farmers were contemplating planting their crops thinking the rain season has officially started.

Speaking to ZBC News on Wednesday, MSD officials warned farmers against planting if they do not mechanisms to ensure the continuous watering of plants since the rains are taking a pause before they fall again. Said MSD:

We are coming from a wet weekend to a dry week. Please do not plant yet, unless you have the means to irrigate.

October rains are generally erratic for rain-fed agriculture; more effective rains are expected from November into December 2020 in most places.

Zimbabwe this 2020/21 farming season is expecting normal to above normal rains.

The nation is hopeful that the rains will be sufficient and be spread evenly across the whole farming season to ensure a good harvest.

The Southern African country is currently facing severe starvation as a result of drought-induced poor harvests in the most recent farming seasons.

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