Messages Expose Wife Telling Friend That Hubby Isn’t The Child’s Biological Father


Messages Expose Wife Telling Friend That Hubby Isn’t The Child’s Biological Father

A Harare man sensationally accused his ex-wife of deceit after discovering that he was not the biological father of the child he was paying maintenance for.

Simon Gumbo told the court magistrate Nyasha Marufu that he conducted a paternity test after he intercepted his wife Mildred Gumbo’s messages to a friend admitting that the minor was not his.

” The messages prompted me to undergo DNA testing to ascertain the paternity of the child and the tests were negative. In the messages, she even disclosed who the child’s biological father is. I sought legal advice before doing the tests and informed my wife about it,” Gumbo said as he produced the results for Marufu to see.

In mitigation, Mildred disputed the authenticity of the DNA tests and argued that the accusations were an effort by the complainant to avoid paying maintenance.

” He went behind my back and did the tests, I never participated in the tests. Ever since the court granted the maintenance order, he keeps threatening me to withdraw it because the order has been a bitter pill to swallow,” Mildred told the court.

Magistrate Marufu said she cannot accept the DNA tests as evidence because they were not sanctioned by the court. She advised Gumbo to file an application with the court so that authentic: DNA tests are carried out.

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