Home LOCAL NEWS Mentally ill man allegedly kills Wa businessman

Mentally ill man allegedly kills Wa businessman

Mentally ill man allegedly kills Wa businessman
The late Sulley Kiemtore

Mentally ill man allegedly kills Wa businessman

The police in the Upper West Region capital are on a manhunt for the alleged murderer of a 35-year-old businessman at Dobile, a suburb of Wa.

Mentally ill man allegedly kills Wa businessman
The late Sulley Kiemtore

Sulley Kiemtore met his untimely death Wednesday morning when he came to open his boutique and was bumped into by the suspect, whose name has only been given as Richard.

According to an eye witness and close friend of the deceased, Salifu Abdulai, the deceased was attacked with a knife by the suspect when he was opening a boutique that he rented not up to a month.

The shop where the businessman was murdered

A struggle ensured between them for several minutes before the suspect finally was able to overpower the deceased.

The Regional Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, Inspector Gideon Boateng said, the police were called to the scene and they met the deceased lying in a pool of blood with multiple knife wounds.

He was rushed to the Wa Municipal Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by medical doctors. The deceased has since been released to the family and was buried under strict Islamic tradition.

Inspector Gideon Boateng said the suspect was nowhere to be found when the police came to the scene and since launched a search party for him.

Painstaking investigation revealed that this is not the first time the suspect unleashed a knife on his victim.

In an earlier instance, his victim had knife wounds and was treated and discharged from the hospital.

There are also question marks about whether the suspect is sane or not. The police say they are not in a position to say anything on that as there is no medical records to suggest whether he is sane or not.

However, a non-governmental and non-profitable organisation that is responsible for the upkeep of mentally-ill persons in the Wa Municipality, BAHASS Foundation, through its Chief Executive Officer, Elyasu Baba, took to their WhatsApp platform to break the news.

“Sad news. One of our mentally ill persons has murdered a businessman at Dobile.”

The incident has brought fear and panic in the area as residents fear for their lives especially now that the alleged murderer is at large. They are calling for more police protection.

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