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Meghan Markle’s half sister releases her tell-all book

For Samantha Markle, staying relevant means digging up dirt on her famous sister, never mind the damage it leaves behind.

Since the Duchess of Sussex joined the British royal family, the half older sibling has continued to fire off spicy clap backs, painting Meghan as the puppet master who pulls the strings.

And after threatening to release a tell-all memoir last year, Markle has launched her book in record time.

The book which delves into their rocky relationship and the rift that has torn apart the Markle family, promises readers that the “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Markle’s autobiography, titled The diary of princess Pushy’s sister: A memoir, part one, is expected to heavily criticise Meghan for shunning her American relatives and what she sees as cutting off their father Thomas after he was unable to attend the royal wedding following a heart attack, the Daily Mail reported.

According to her, the book details the siblings’ upbringing, including the rivalry between Meghan and Samantha when their father was still married to the former actress’s mother Doria Ragland.

She also branded the Duke of Sussex’s comment in an interview that the royals were the “family that Meghan never had” as the ”ultimate insult“.

Then there are the revelations. She claimed a staged photo shoot of their father Thomas Markle was part of an exposé. The author admitted to having accepted a purported deal to portray her father in an “honest light” after he was “horribly labelled” by the media, according to the Daily Express.

But it’s not all negative derivatives and insults, Markle touches on her adoration for her younger half-sister as a baby and described the infant as “bi-racial, beautiful, and was both the colour of a peach, and a rose”.

In her dedication, Markle noted that her family “collided with history in an unexpected but relatable way”.

She wrote: “Our lives have not always been easy, and no one is perfect. We have, laughed, agreed, disagreed, and forgiven each other, which is what makes families so special”.

The book’s release could, however, prove another blow for the Duchess; sources claimed Meghan burst into tears and was “sick to her stomach” when she heard her sister would be writing it.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not released any official comment, but our guess is that they’ll remain silent on the matter.

The book is on sale on Amazon UK for £13 (about R264). – iol.co.za

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