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Meet Isibaya’s ‘New’ Golden Couple

Meet Isibaya’s ‘New’ Golden Couple
Meet Isibaya’s new golden couple(Jabu and Ntwelenhle) left and right(respectively)

Jabu and Ntwelenhle were both rebellious, adrenaline junkies who did whatever it took, to get what they want. Who would’ve thought that Ntwelenhle, a previous tomboy who outplayed everyone at poker would become the Queen and Jabu, a previous womanizer who slept with any skirt, including his dad’s ex-wife would today become an outstanding businessman in Bubeseni? I wasn’t fond of their relationship in the beginning because Ntwelenhle is still married and I figured Jabu would be more suited with a classy and snobbish woman.

Since meeting Jabu, Ntwelenhle has matured into a deep and grounded woman who has realized that power and money mean nothing without love, which she lacked from her ex-husband. She’s chosen Jabu and the baby over the monarchy, which will escalate the feud between their families.

This ‘new’ golden couple had to replace our beloved Thandeka and Sibusiso who we are still mourning.

They have the same ingredients as Sibusiso and Thandeka; a forbidden and unpredictable love story. Our pair is already pregnant, forget dating and getting to know each other first, let’s just get pregnant and see how it goes.

Jabu has turned her into a softie, so fragile, and their chemistry is slowly making us forget about ‘Thandeka and Sbusiso’. Okay, baby steps, okay maybe like, foetus steps.

When will they start being normal? Like; when is the baby shower, when is she getting divorced and when will everyone know about them already?

I hope they won’t drag this storyline further because the baby needs a home, a mommy and daddy and a birth certificate.

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