Ex police boss Augustine Chihuri who was rumored to be “hiding,” yesterday sent his lawyer to court to answer to a $240 000 maintenance claim made by his mistress, Ms Sithulisiwe Mthimkhulu.

Ms Sithulisiwe Mthimkhulu

Chihuri has not graced the public since his dismissal from the police force He has also failed to to show up at parliamentary hearings, where he had been summoned to give evidence.

Chihuri’s mistress through her lawyer Mr Godfrey Nyoni of Moyo and Nyoni Associates last week revealed that she was failing to serve him with maintenance summons.

Ms Mthimkhulu is demanding a $240 000 lump sum from Chihuri for the upkeep of their child doing Grade Four.

After failing to serve Chihuri with summons she made noise in the press to get Chihuri’s attention.

She notified him that he risked a default judgment in court if he failed to show up.

Chihuri, through his lawyer Mr Arthur Marara of Mutamangira and Associates petitioned Bulawayo magistrate Miss Sharon Rosemani to make the matter private as it was attracting “unnecessary” attention to his client.

“The matter is attracting a lot of media attention and we are trying to minimise it since this matter involves a child.

“We are also trying to protect the interest of the child. My client is still a public figure, a former police Commissioner and this can also damage his image,” said Mr Marara.

Mr Nyoni agreed that the matter should be confidential as it could also damage the reputation of his client, who is a senior police officer.

However it emerged that that the two parties had agreed for an out of court settlement on the matter.

“By consent parties agreed to meet and do an out of court settlement and report back on May 14,” read the court papers.


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