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Medical Doctors’ Cartels Loot NSSA

Medical Doctors’ Cartels Loot NSSA

Medical Doctors’ Cartels Loot NSSA

Several medical doctors from Matabeleland North Province face prosecution for fraudulently issuing claims to undeserving National Social Security Authority (NSSA) beneficiaries, prejudicing the authority of millions of dollars.

Medical practitioners were allegedly working in cahoots with NSSA employees to steal money from the organisation and several NSSA employees implicated in the scam have been suspended.

This was revealed by the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Paul Mavima while addressing NSSA pensioners’ representatives during an engagement forum held in Gweru on Friday. Mavima said:

There have been disturbing cases of fraudsters attempting to submit illegitimate and undeserving claims when they have not contributed to the fund.

There are doctors in Matabeleland North Province working in cahoots with NSSA employees who were nabbed for presenting illegitimate claims to undeserving clients.

They are syphoning money from NSSA and are facing prosecution. NSSA employees have been suspended pending disciplinary action.

NSSA has as a result started the process of renewing life certificates for pensioners in a bid to eradicate the corruption that has become endemic within the organisation. Added Mavima:

The current exercise to renew life certificates for pensioners is meant to ensure that benefits are paid out to deserving cases only.

I implore you, as pensioner representatives, to encourage your colleagues to renew their certificates by 30 June 2021 so that they can continue to receive their pay-outs.

Mavima said the NSSA board, upon the advice of an actuary, this month approved a 100 per cent increase in benefits payments across the board, subject to a minimum retirement pension of US$25, up from US$12 paid at the prevailing auction rate. He said:

This was done bearing in mind the need to maintain the long-term sustainability of the fund.

It is projected that the minimum retirement pension will increase to US$30 in July, US$40 in October, and closing the year 2021 at US$60 paid at the prevailing auction rate.

In stepping up efforts to cushion our pensioners, NSSA is paying out grocery allowances.

To date orphans, children and the invalid have received these allowances in addition to their monthly disbursements for March.

Surviving spouses will receive their grocery allowance in May and retirees will get theirs in June.

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