MDC Youth Arrested And Tortured By Nyanga CID

Mutasa Central constituency legislator, Trevor Saruwaka has issued an alert alleging that an MDC youth who is a businessman in Nyanga was picked up by CID Nyanga and tortured.

MDC Youth Arrested And Tortured By Nyanga CID

Saruwaka, who is also the MDC Manicaland province spokesperson claimed that Tawanda Terera was picked up by CID Nyanga where his relatives were at first denied entry and later saw him with visible marks of torture.

Said Saruwaka:

*Police Brutality Alert!!!*

*Tawanda Terera*, a young businessman n MDC youth was picked by CID Nyanga yesterday around midnight from his shop at Terera Business Centre in Mutasa Central Constituency.

Two vehicles from CID Nyanga raided the shop, forcibly arrested him tying both his hands and feet before bundling him into a car and sped away in a movie style.

Witnesses allege that the police fired 6 shots in the air before they left.

Tawanda’s father together with others then went to make a police report of the incident at ZRP Mutasa where it was confirmed that it was indeed CID Nyanga which was responsible for the operation.

MDC Youth Arrested And Tortured By Nyanga CID

Today in the morning Tawanda’s relatives visited him in Nyanga and after hours being denied access to him they were eventually shown their battered and tortured brother. He revealed that he was tortured by the investigating officers.

This is not on. Police brutality must stop. What kind of investigating is this?

MDC Youth Arrested And Tortured By Nyanga CID

Arrested persons have constitutional rights that need to be respected!!

*Release Tawanda and get him treated now!!!*

Trevor JL Saruwaka
Mutasa Central Constituency MP
Manicaland Provincial Spokesperson
MDC Alliance

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