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MDC Veteran Activists Association: “We feel betrayed by Morgen Komichi”

MDC Veteran Activists Association:
Morgen Komichi seen here with Jacob Mafume (left) and Happymore Chidziva (right) at the MDC “Harvest House” headquarters in Harare

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Veteran Activists Association (VAA) in Bulawayo pledges loyalty to President Nelson Chamisa. We feel betrayed by Morgen Komichi who protected MDC VAA’s existence when Thokozani Khupe wanted it destroyed.

During Khupe’s purges of long-serving party members, Komichi stood resolutely behind President Nelson Chamisa. Sadly the once trusted Komichi is now behaving like the infamous Morrison Nyati, who betrayed ZANLA cadres during the liberation struggle.

As VAA we were violently removed from Party structures before the 2014 Congress as Khupe imposed Gift Banda and other ill-qualified people she knew would support Douglas Mwonzora’s elevation to the position of MDC-T Secretary-General.

Elderly women who are VAA members were brutalized in the most despicable manner, by Khupe’s thugs, who are old enough to be their grandsons.

While Thokozani Khupe masquerades as one who champions women’s rights, we will not forget how female members were brutalised in the Party all for the sake of pleasing umaKhupe.

We also remember how the then MDC Women’s Provincial Executive was violently barred from voting at the MDC Bulawayo Provincial Congress that was held at Stanley Square in 2014.

Those who were lucky to be retained as congress delegates were later on violently and unconstitutionally barred from accessing the national congress venue in Harare.

This was done so that strangers, newcomers and people who do not love the Party take control of the MDC-T and vote for Mwonzora at the national congress.

After being barred from participating in Party structures for an entire congressional term, we find ourselves with an easy choice to make between supporting Khupe and Mwonzora on the one side and President Nelson Chamisa on the other.

We choose he who is detested by the Mnangagwa regime. We take this opportunity to clearly state that we clutch the hem of President Nelson Chamisa’s leadership. We have no business supporting people that, are clearly by analysis, tools of the Mnangagwa regime.

At the last meeting with MDC Alliance structures in Gweru, last February, President Nelson Chamisa announced that all long-serving members who were removed from Party structures should return to the Party of their choice.

Had Khupe been at the helm we could be outcasts in the Party we build with our own sweat and blood.

We therefore take this opportunity to announce to the world that we stand solidly behind the leadership of President Nelson Chamisa.

Pretty Ndlovu, MDC VAA Bulawayo Spokesperson


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