MDC-T presidential spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, has dismissed a statement issued Wednesday purport by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai denying having appointed Nelson Chamisa to act in his stead.

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Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in Harare Thursday, Tamborinyoka said Tsvangirai did not communicate through social media as he had a spokesperson and other aides through which he could communicate.

Tamborinyoka, who is also the party’s director of communications, said the letter, addressed to one of the party’s Vice Presidents, Elias Mudzuri, was fraudulent, adding that his boss’ signature appended on it had been photo shopped from the internet.

The letter in question, on an MDC-T letterhead, was circulated on social media a few hours after Tamborinyoka issued a statement saying that Tsvangirai, who is receiving treatment in South Africa, had appointed Chamisa as acting president of the party until such time he was back.

In the statement, Tamborinyoka had noted that the appointment was necessitated by Tsvangirai’s absence and that of Mudzuri and Thokozani Khupe, who were both in South Africa together with Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora, adding that Chamisa would also continue as the acting chairperson of the MDC Alliance.

However, confusion reigned as the letter purported to be from Tsvangirai, dismissing Chamisa’s appointment was thrown into the public domain.

But on Thursday Tamborinyoka said he remained Tsvangirai’s official spokesperson and whatever he publicized were the opposition leader’s views.

“For the record, that letter is on a fraudulent letterhead with a scanned signature of the President, which signature is readily available online,” he said.

“The Office of the President has not released such a letterhead to anyone and the President, who is currently in SA, has not asked for it for him to place his purported letter. In short, the so-called letter is fraudulent and bogus.”

He added “For the record, I have been communicating the President’s messages for almost a decade.

“(Tsvangirai) has entrusted me with the position of being his official spokesperson and he has shared with me many confidential matters; some for the press and some not for the press. That has been the nature of our relationship.”

Tamborinyoka said it had always been the tradition that the acting presidency rotated between the three vice presidents.



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