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MDC (Mwonzora) Member Resigns Over Party’s Vote On Constitutional Amendment

MDC-T's Douglas Mwonzora on the leadership battle for Zimbabwe's opposition party

Constitutional Amendment – MDC (Mwonzora) Member Resigns 

A senior member of the opposition MDC-T has resigned from the party citing its failure to protect the citizens of Zimbabwe after the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC outfit voted for the Constitutional Amendment Bill No. 2.

The Bill sailed through Senate Tuesday and observers say it could not have passed Senate if MDC-T senators had opposed it.

Former Victoria Falls deputy mayor and member of the MDC-T, Norris Nyathi, has written a resignation letter to the party leadership over voting with Zanu-PF to amend the constitution.

The ruling ZANU PF had no requisite numbers to see the bill through.

The bill was being opposed by stakeholders for seeking to remove the running mate clause, to give the president powers to make key appointments in the judiciary.

In a letter addressed to the party’s secretary-general, and copied to the Matabeleland North provincial office in Hwange, Norris Nyathi, said:

_I write this letter to inform you that I am no longer a member of this party. My resignation is inspired by numerous factors, that is, failure to protect the citizens of Zimbabwe._

_I consider it gross misconduct by our MPs, Senators including the presidium to give Zanu-PF the needed two third majority in order to pass the repressive Amendment Bill 2._

_This is a direct provocation to the electorate who are the custodians of the constitution which you have amended without going through a consultative process. Your soft tone to the injustices perpetrated against the people of this nation leaves a lot to be desired._

_I believe we are a democratic party, practising democracy in totality but a lot has been happening in the party that has been ignored by the leadership. We thought the party would reform but no reformation has taken place._

Nyathi told CITE during an interview that what the MDC-T did in Parliament was a setback to “what we as Zimbabweans crafted in 2013.”

His remarks are in resonance with those of prominent lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa who viewed the move as a slap in the face of democracy and an insult to members of the public who voted for the constitution that is being amended.

MDC-T spokesperson, Witness Dube, said Nyathi should address the letter to the structure he is in adding “I will not respond to that letter because it is improperly before my office.”

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