MDC: Mnangagwa misleading SADC


MDC: Mnangagwa misleading SADC.

The MDC is concerned by President Mnangagwa’s attempts to mislead regional leaders on the situation in our country. This follows a statement by President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa where he indicated that he had been briefed by Emmerson Mnangagwa that Zimbabwe is now on the road to recovery.

MDCThe economic situation has deteriorated as evidenced by skyrocketing prices, shortages of basic commodities including bread and fuel, power cuts, water rationing and the erosion of salaries owing to hyperinflation.

This was despite the fact that he had gone with a begging bowl to South Africa for electricity as a result of the incessant and crippling power cuts bedevilling the nation. It is our considered view that contrary to Mr Mnangagwa’s view, Zimbabwe is far off the road to recovery. If anything, the situation has gotten worse.

Our young people are without jobs and the public healthcare system has collapsed whilst the private healthcare system is now beyond the reach of many. The democratic space is shrinking by the day as the current military government is moving in to thwart dissent.

A record breaking 21 opposition, labor and civic leaders are currently facing trumped up charges of subversion. This is the first time since independence that such serious charges have been so generously dished out.

In August 2018, the regime shot and killed seven unarmed citizens. In January 2019, the same government killed several unarmed citizens during protests.

Impunity is the order of the day as perpetrators of these human violations have not been brought to book as recommended by the Mothlante Commission.

The MDC asserts that the socio-economic challenges are a manifestation of the crisis of legitimacy, borne out of the 2018 disputed elections that failed the credibility test.

The MDC therefore strongly insists on the urgent need for a political solution anchored on genuine, inclusive, mediated dialogue that is underwritten by the international community.

Such a dialogue must ensure the return to legitimacy, a comprehensive reform agenda, economic recovery, a national healing program and international re-engagement. It is only when the above mentioned requisite measures are put in place that Zimbabwe can be on the road to recovery.

Gladys Hlatywayo is the MDC Secretary for International Relations



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