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MDC Declines To Attend Mnangagwa’s Meeting For National Dialogue


MDC Declines To Attend Mnangagwa’s Meeting For National Dialogue

This is the MDC response to Mr. Mnangagwa’s call for a meeting today to discuss a national dialogue.


“The MDC’s position on the announced National Dialogue Meeting at State House tomorrow and recommendations to those invited:

1. Noting the invitation by President Mnangagwa to presidential candidates in the 2018 elections to a meeting to discuss the “Framework for national dialogue”.

2. Encouraged to see the all round acceptance of the need for national dialogue.

3. Disappointed that the president’s precipitous invitation seems to be an attempt to preempt efforts towards genuine dialogue.

4. Underscoring the civil society minimum conditions for National Dialogue that are already in the public domain, including the immediate release of political prisoners, the cessation of the current clampdown by the state and the return to barracks by the armed forces; and a full disclosure of the number of citizens killed so far, those injured, and the requisite action to deal with the perpetrators.

5. Reiterating the need for an independent and credible Convener mutually acceptable to all for national dialogue to be meaningful (The President’s office can not be the convener)

6. Emphasizing that national dialogue must be an inclusive process that brings together all stakeholders beyond political parties / presidential candidates .

5. Accordingly, call on all those invited, through the note issued by Misheck Sibanda( on behalf of ED), to politely decline to attend tomorrow’s meeting while reiterating the minimum conditions for the National Dialogue.”



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