“MDC Congress Is About Propositions, Not Positions”

The coming MDC A Congress is about propositions, not positions, social media analyst Anthony Taruvinga has said.

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Taruvinga is also a special advisor to the party leadership.

“It’s about propositions, not positions …It is our settled and stated aim to poise the party for new politics in the 21st century.

We strongly and verily believe the people’s Party must transform culturally, structurally and strategically be able to meet and respond to this day’s challenges. In light of this, we have established the following broad thematic committees;

Ideology and Policy Review Committee
Constitutional Review Committee
Leadership Culture and Ethics Committee
International relations and Diplomacy Committee
Organizational and Structural transformation Committee
Administrative and fundraising reforms Committee

7.Strategies and tactics committee

Your views and contributions are most welcome. Let’s get going. Welcome to a festival of ideas,” said Taruvinga in a statement.


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