MDC Alliance Official Exposes Rigging Tactics

Outspoken MDC Alliance official Charlton Hwende has exposed gross anomalies in the voting process.

Details On The Electoral Voters Roll Are Enough, ZEC

Below is Hwende’s statement:

The 38 000 (0.8%) votes Mnangagwa gained via rigging:

1. Votes counted twice : 7 703
2. Polling stations counted twice : 9 035
3. Extra votes for ED gained from discrepancies between ZEC TV announcement and CD results : 4 904.

4. Ghost polling stations : 5 396
5. Unaccounted ballot papers : 40 717
6. Votes ED gained from polling stations missing from ZEC vote tally : 853.

The total is 68 608.

The real votes:

Nelson Chamisa 2 674 032,
Emmerson Mnangagwa 2 008 639.


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