The MDC Alliance official Descent Bajila has expored the whole scam on how Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) working with Zanu PF manipulated and altered figures on the V11 forms so as to add votes on Emmrson Mnangagwa’s votes.

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“Let me give a real example of why it is important to have these V11 forms and why it is important to check them against the results announced at the command center. Yesterday I was at the Bulawayo East Constituency Command Center where MDC Deputy Secretary General Illos Nyoni was declared duly elected MP. He got about 8 000 votes. His Chief Election agent overheard a conversation about the changing of figures for Ward 3 with respect to the National Assembly. Even if Mr Nyoni had won, we demanded that V 11 forms for each polling station be brought and checked again. First we checked Mr Nyonis tallies for each polling station and we were satisfied that there was no tempering with them,” Bajila said.

“We proceeded to check those of each and every candidate. We discovered that for Amazon Polling Station, the V11 form indicates that the NPF candidate got 2 votes but the form being used indicates that he got 10. We also discovered that for the same polling station, the UMD candidate has 5 votes on the V11 form but 15 votes on the collation form. We queried this in writing to the Presiding Officer.”

He said their reason for doing this was that the National Assembly votes are the ones used to determine their party’s share of Proportional Representation seats in the province.

“A party needs +/-7,3% votes to send one PR MP and only 6 can be sent from each province. While the errors don’t affect our total for the constituency, they affect the grand total. Proportionally speaking a victory of 50/90 is stronger than a victory of 50/95,” he said.

“If these errors happen across the 428 polling stations in Bulawayo, they might cost us one PR seat and the beneficiaries will be the second most popular party in the city even if the erroneously added votes are not given to either us or them.For the purposes of PR seats it is important to check everything including in areas where we have won through first past the post. Imagine what happens where these V11 forms are not available.”



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


Marry was born in 1983. She is the daughter of Kenny Mubaiwa, who is the Chairman of Dynamos Football Club.She is a mother of 6 children….more here



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