The National Youth Assembly chairperson for the Chamisa-led MDC-T Mr Happymore Chidziva has conceded that the MDC Alliance is less popular in the rural areas and had a mammoth task to penetrate the rural electorate ahead of the impending harmonised elections.


Addressing party supporters at a rally in Mkoba 6 on Saturday, Mr Chidziva said it was incumbent upon the MDC Alliance leadership to launch a vigorous campaign among the rural populace and canvass votes for the party. He said the other MDC-T led by Dr Thokozani Khupe was likely to salvage votes from MDC Alliance in the forthcoming elections.

“When I was coming to Gweru, I called my mother in my rural home and asked her which party she was voting for and she told me that she would vote for MDC-T.

“Then I said to myself there is a big problem there, most people in the rural areas know MDC-T and not MDC Alliance.

“We are not known in the rural areas. I, therefore, implore the party leadership to vigorously campaign for MDC Alliance, particularly in the rural areas,” he said.

Speaking at the same rally, MDC Alliance aspiring candidate for Mkoba Mr Amos Chibaya said President Emmerson Mnangagwa had no intentions of rigging in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

“There are some of you who say President Mnangagwa is too quiet and his campaigns are peaceful, therefore, he wants to rig elections.

“Do not be afraid, I can assure you he doesn’t want to rig elections.

“Besides, we want to be involved in all the processes that require political parties in preparation for the elections and we will make sure that it’s free and fair.

“This election is unique in that there are even European observers. I have seen some of them here,” he said. Mr Chibaya said if MDC Alliance wins, it will make Gwen the Capital City of Zimbabwe.



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