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MDC A Denounce “Operation Murambatsvina Part 2”

Murambatsvina - Harare Destroys Illegal Roadside Structures

MDC A Denounce “Operation Murambatsvina Part 2”

The opposition MDC Alliance has denounced the demolition of structures in towns around the country saying the move, dubbed Operation Murambatsvina Part 2″ was a crime against humanity. Pindula News present the part’s statement below.

STOP THE DEMOLITIONS! PROTECT THE POOR “We denounce Operation Murambatsvina Part 2”

We, the elected MDC Alliance councillors of the City of Harare as listed below, condemn in the strongest terms the ongoing destruction of property, food and personal effects by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in an operation that has been instigated by Mr Tafadzwa Muguti, the Provincial Development Co-ordinator of Harare Metropolitan Province. The callous act by ZANU PF is a crime against humanity that has all the hallmarks of Operation Murambatsvina carried out by the Zimbabwe government in 2005. We reiterate the position adopted by the United Nations in 2005 that described the same type of central government-led campaign as an effort to drive out and make homeless large sections of the urban poor, who make up much of the internal opposition to the regime in Harare.

Most Zimbabweans make a living through buying and selling in the informal economy due to the poor management of the economy which has caused untold poverty to the majority of the urban population. Once the economic fundamentals have been addressed, a lot of the problems faced by the City will disappear. While councillors aspire to the highest standards of excellence and cleanliness for the City, the strong-arm tactics applied to purportedly address the challenges posed by overpopulation reflect a degree of insensitivity last experienced in the days of the inhumane Operation Murambatsvina in 2005 as mentioned above.

Poor communities are still reeling from the effects of COVID-19 and the lockdown measures, against which the promised government safety nets did not materialize. We call for humane approaches to resolve the crisis because this approach of destruction is no solution.

This destruction has to stop. A long-term solution in our local authorities is feasible only when central government acts as an enabler for local authorities to undertake the services for which they are elected. All other measures simply impose a tax on families who are struggling to put food on the plate, let alone access basic services.

What makes it even more crude and insensitive is the timing of this bad campaign – in winter. The councillors of the City of Harare, the majority of whom were recalled and are unable to perform their duties from townhouse, live daily in communities that battle to make a living. These communities need assistance and not sanctions, fishing rods and not baton sticks.


Ian Makone, Ward 18
Elvis Ruzani, Ward 42
Tonderai Chekeredza, Ward 31
Jacob Mafume Ward 17
Denford Ngadziwore, Ward 16
Steven Dhliwayo, Ward 40
Kudzai Kadzombe. Ward 41
Barnabas Ndira, Ward 21
Jason Kautsa Ward 37
Hebert Gomba, Ward 27
Tatenda Katsaira, Ward 1
Keith Charumbira, Ward 8
Costa Mande, Ward 14
Stanley Manyenga, Ward 23
Galdencia Marera, Ward 32
Loveness Gomba, Ward 36
Enock Mupamaonde, Ward 35
Simon Mapanzure, Ward 34
Charles Nyatsuro, Ward 6
Mercy Kasvosve, Ward 20
Theresa Manase, Ward 22
Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi, Ward 19
Lovemore Makuwerere, Ward 25

Adonia Shoko, Ward 44
Galdencia Marera, Ward 32
Loveness Gomba, Ward 36
Simon Mapanzure, Ward 34
Charles Nyatsuro, Ward 6
Gilbert Hadebe, Ward 39
Girisoni Mandere, Ward 45
Pastor Gotora, Ward 7
Charles Chidliagu, Ward 30
Chihoma Runyowa, Ward 28
Theresa Manase, Ward 22
Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi, Ward 19

Lovemore Makuwerere, Ward 25
Hammy Madzingira, Ward 10

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Demolitions of informal traders’ stalls at Mbudzi roundabout were temporally halted Monday after a suspected juju case at one of the stalls.

Juju drama halts demolitions

A mechanical failure of the bulldozer trusted to do the work was blamed on juju, attracting multitudes of onlookers and giving some traders time to unpack their wares.

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