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Mbare Siyaso Traders Defy Lockdown Restrictions


Informal traders in Mbare Magaba Siyaso’s home industry have reportedly resumed trading in clear defiance of the government’s lockdown regulation.

Vendors that spoke to the publication said they could not stay at home as they starved due to the lockdown and said:

I can’t stay at home while I have nothing to eat. The seven days that I have been at home doing nothing have been tough. It’s better that I play hide and seek with the police and get to put food on the table than face the prospect of watching my family starve – Eliot Magama

Government should have secured funding for the informal traders so that they don’t starve when they are not allowed to conduct their operations. People are dying of COVID-19, but for me, there is no difference. It’s better to die trying, – Onias Mapanga

The government imposed a 30 day lockdown on 2 January to try and curb spreading COVID-19 a move that was challenged by Zimbabwe Informal Sectors Organization (ZISO) led by its executive director Promise Mkwananzi. The court reserved a judgment on the matter

Source | Newsday