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Mbare Boys host SA Ginimbi farewell bash


South Africa based show organisers, Mbare Boys, will tomorrow host a massive farewell free bash for the late Ginimbi.

The all white dress code bash has been set for Innocent Pub in Kempton Park.

An array of artistes and deejays are billed to perform at the show.

Speaking to show promoter Fadiga,he said:

“Ginimbi was very influental to me and taught us about developing and becoming your own boss.

“Though we met on a few occasions, I always cherish because it was not just about partying but he imparted business knowledge on to us.

“He was a kind and genuine guy who did not look down upon anyone despite being the rich guy he was.”

He added:

“So, as Mbare Boys we decided to bid him farewell he in South Africa because we can’t all make it to Zimbabwe for his burial.

“Ginimbi will be forever in our hearts and will always remember his business teachings.

“We have a free all white bash on Saturday and it’s all in memory of him.”