Home Entertainment Mbali Zakwe aka Sindiswa joins BET’s Isono

Mbali Zakwe aka Sindiswa joins BET’s Isono

Mbali Zakwe aka Sindiswa joins BET’s Isono

Actress Mbali Zakwe will be making her debut on BET’s Isono. The actress, known for her role as Sindiswa on e.tv’s Rhythm City, will be joining the show as Tryphosa.

Tryphosa, her mum Francina (played by Lindiwe Ndlovu) and brother Dombolo (played by Paballo Koza), will be gracing our small screens tonight. Mbali told Daily Sun Tryphosa and her family are going to turn things upside down with their drama.

“Tryphosa is a very feisty girl from Empangeni in KZN. She came to Joburg after her uncle Msizi (Hamilton Dlamini) passed on. Tryphosa, Francina and Dombolo move into his house and want to chase his wife Mam Lili and daughter Milicent out,” said Mbali.

“She wears Milicent’s clothes and always gives her a hard time. The family doesn’t get along. It’s a survival of the fittest type of household. Tryphosa thinks she’s smart but honestly, she is just a farm girl who knows nothing and takes after her mother Francina,” she said.

Mbali said working on Isono has been great.

“It’s been a very good experience for me. I enjoyed shooting on a different set and working with very talented artists,” she said.

The actress, who plays Sindiswa on Rhythm City, got the role of Tryphosa before e.tv announced last month that the long-standing soapie would air its last episode on 17 July 2021.

I’m hoping to get another job soon or be called on Isono again,” she said. Catch Mbali on Isono on BET (DStv channel 129) at 9.30 pm

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