Pastor Evan Mawarire Thursday took to social media condemning the City of Harare over the quality of water being pumped to people’s homes in the capital.

For almost two decades, the city council has failed to deliver clean water to residents. Some companies have made a fortune selling water to those who can afford but the rest are still drinking the said ‘raw sewage.’

An irate Mawarire showed a bucket of boiling water which had some greenish substances which he described as “raw-sewage” being delivered to residents by city authorities.

“I was shocked this morning when I boiled water for bathing. I was horrified and disgusted at the sight of water that is being pumped into our homes by the City of Harare. City of Harare is pumping sewage into our homes! This is the water that we are using to wash our clothes, wash our bodies, plates and most of all drinking for that matter.

City council; you are killing people. This is a health hazard. Please we cannot continue drinking this water anymore. This is unacceptable,” Mawarire fumed.

Mawarire called upon President Emmerson Mnangagwa to declare a state of emergency over the state of Harare water.

“We cannot have people drinking this water. This is terrible. That is why we need new councillors in the city. Our councillors; you cannot tell me that you have failed to give us clean water.

“As we go towards the election, people should be wary of choosing new people to avoid the continuation of being supplied with raw sewage. Choose new people to manage city, constituencies and your country.

Your children will be sick; they will get all types of diseases like cancers, skin diseases and stomach ailments because of such failure by the council. This has to be dealt with immediately and we know how we are going to solve it,” Mawarire said.

Harare City Public Relations Manager Michael Chideme responded saying the council was attending to all genuine residents’ concerns over the quality of water. Chideme added that a programme is in place to put new pipes.



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