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Mawarire Explains Why Chamisa Got 1 Million More Votes Than Tsvangirai Ever Did

Mawarire Explains Why Chamisa Got 1 Million More Votes Than Tsvangirai Ever Did

National Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire says one of the reasons why MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa got more votes in the 2018 presidential election that Morgan Tsvangirai attained in any presidential election he participated is that the former received votes from the late former President Robert Mugabe’s supporters.

Mawarire was speaking in response to former MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu’s claim that Chamisa performed well in the election because he was riding on the Tsvangirai brand.

For Mawarire, such reasoning is a preserve of “dunderheads” because Chamisa won one million more votes than Tsvangirai ever managed.

We present Mawarire’s full Twitter thread below:

Ask Obert Gutu the highest number of votes Tsvangirai got in any of the three presidential elections he participated in.

Why is it that he NEVER hit the 2 million mark that Nelson Chamisa got? So the brand got lesser votes than the one benefitting from it? Mamwe malawyer so!

Granted, Tsvangirai founded MDC but his highest number of votes in any presidential election he participated in is 1.2 million in 2002, almost 1 million fewer votes than the 2.1 million that ZEC gave Nelson Chamisa after the 2018 electoral fraud.

I hold no brief for any of the feuding parties in the Junta-PF-MDC drama but as a student of Zim electoral politics, I believe there is ANOTHER factor which made Nelson Chamisa get 1 million more votes than Tsvangirai at his best and that factor is the MUGABE supporters.

It is a FACT that the late President Mugabe gave Nelson Chamisa his endorsement and many so-called G40s heeded and voted for the young man, that’s why he got more votes than MDC the party, or the Tsvangirai brand if u like to call it.

You have to be an incorrigible dunderhead not to see that plain FACT. The Junta-PF knows it, that’s why they have been planting confusionists to scuttle any efforts Nelson Chamisa is making to form a broader alliance with former G40 members.

The Junta might use dunderhead 3rd class lawyers to dismiss the role played by former Zanu-PF members in making Nelson Chamisa get 1m more votes than MT in any of the 3 elections he participated in because of fear of a repeat in 2023 but that can never obliterate the RGM factor.

What Junta-PF isn’t aware of is that they will NEVER get the Mugabe vote, a time shall come, and it has come,that RGM supporters will regroup,it doesn’t necessarily have to be around Chamisa,but surely a true,united and democratic alliance is in the horizon and Junta-PF days are numbered.



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