While I understand the need for cleaning up the streets, for whatever reasons; best known to you, I need you to look at this from another perspective.


So, my family once lived off vending. After school (form 5), Muku and I would aid in the “family business”. We would grab our packs of sweets, and biscuits, look for the busiest street, sit and sell our wares.

This is where food, rent and everything came from. While Muku embraced this, being the wonderful marketer and free spirit he is, I had a difficult time. And Muku always brought more than I did at the end of the day. I, was something else. I remember I would run away if I saw any of my classmates coming, or anyone I knew.

Sometimes I would leave fort, or pretend I wasn’t the one selling this stuff. I always wanted to be a businesswoman; vending just wasn’t it. I was embarrassed ( that’s just me, and I was 12 there about).

Bottom line, I dont think anyone has a dream to one day be a vendor, “polluting your streets”, or having people sitting in cars look at you crazy or like you’re less than because you’re trying to sell them a 10cents lollipop, or water on a very hot day. But all these people, like me, my family and everyone else in these streets, are just trying to survive.

To pay rent at the end of the month. Have something on their tables at day end. Send their kids to school. Send their parents $10 via ecocash for Christmas this December.

Isnt it too cruel to release a 3 fold force on them? Kuti military police, the dreaded ZRP and then City of Harare pips, whatever they’re called? Ranyanyosviba seiko guta racho? Ma vendor acho havasi vanhu here? Aint they Zimbos enjoying our sovereignty?

I dare you, re-open industries, create jobs, make the economy functional and see if there’ll be anyone who insists they want to be a street vendor. Some of them have massive skill that if given the right opportunity, can turn our Zimbabwe into exactly what we want.

Create conducive conditions to get them off the streets, not kuvatorera their wares and stuff. If you’ve never been in it, I guess you won’t understand it zveidi.

Anyway, I know you wont see this. But Asante Sana. Just needed to vent.



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