Mathias Mhere’ Torches Storm

Talented gospel maestro Mathias Mhere has sent tongues wagging in the Christian community after producing controversial hip-hop style videos that feature video vixens.

Mathias Mhere’ Torches Storm

The singer recently released two hot videos; “Matables” and “Panogara Nyasha” which have sparked debate, that his videos are contrary to the doctrine of Christianity and are secular.

Mhere in response stated that he was fond of working with beautiful women to show to no one is excluded from the gospel, slay queens included and show that everyone can worship and praise God.

“The idea is to change the narrative that gospel music videos should just be those monotonous under the tree productions of people mourning all the time.
“I believe there is time for praise and we should also portray that praise,” he said.

The controversial gospel musician has also hogged the limelight for being the finest dressed celebrities which has led some to argue that Christians should not live opulent lives but practice austerity. And the singer says it is sad that there are still some people who believe gospel musicians should just look poor and troubled.

“We have to change that narrative because there is nowhere where it is written that for you to be a gospel musician you have to be scruffy.

“I believe in singing and praising God with all that we have and a good sense of dressing is one thing,” he said.



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