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Master KG’s Jerusalema Deleted From YouTube. #BringBackJerusalema

Hit song Jerusalema is missing from YouTube where it has gone viral and garnered well over 65 million views.

The song, which has gone viral worldwide, has been making international waves with people across the world participating in the dance challenge for the song. Master Kg announced the sad news that Jerusalema has been deleted from YouTube.

A search of the song on YouTube as of 6 August 2020 is returning other versions of the song with fewer views.

Tweeps and South Africans went on a meltdown after learning of the sad news. It was immediately clear if the technical issues which saw Jerusalema deleted from YouTube emitted from Master KG’s side or YouTube. The bottom line is that the hit song which has become a national anthem is not on YouTube.

Here are a few reactions from South Africans after learning that Jerusalema has been deleted from Facebook. Conspiracy theorists smelt a rat and shared their views on the issue.

This is a developing story and iHarare will keep you updated. Chances are the song will be reinstated with it’s views.


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