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Mashurugwi Belong To Mnangagwa: Chamisa

Mnangagwa says

Mashurugwi Belong To Mnangagwa: Chamisa

Some people I hear them saying Nelson Chamisa you must lead from the front, but this is the struggle; I have come a long way … but when we do our thing we will not be forced to do things.

Mnangagwa says "We cannot afford to have idle, unproductive land"

When people are brave and they stand up to it guns will not work the sound of the gun will not be heard.

You don’t debate about solidarity; we must go together, fight together, we weep together and we enjoy together. So now Mai Sikhala we want to thank you. Some of you do not know that for the struggle to move there are heroes, thank you very much. I thank you all, these are the people who when there are problems they are there. I saw them where the police were.

Excuse me our Secretary-General and all the leadership assembled here, the chair of the women and the youth.

I was once a youth and I used to refuse to be
I think you the whole standing committee…

We said this is not Valentine’s Day it is Morgan Tsvangirai Day.

The second thing we are gathered here; we are gathered here because one of our heroes had been arrested… another one will be appearing in court on the 28th of February.

When you arrest one of us you have arrested all of us.
So we have come here for this party is now large.

There is no party which is greater, larger than this one the whole of the African continent. It is a fact that the MDC has 28 out of 30 mayors in the whole of Zimbabwe. It is a fact that this party was voted in by more than 2.6 million people.

Some people I hear them saying Nelson Chamisa you must lead from the front, but this is the struggle; I have come a long way … but when we do our thing we will not be forced to do things.
I said for people to do what they should do they do it according to the right timing.

When I came here I found the police waiting and some of my people told me president if your go through this way you will be teargassed so I passed through the middle of them.
We will not allow police to be used for wrong things, a police officer has a badge of honour. That is why you see the police, their badge it says for the law, for the people, and for the country, so the police must not be used to assault us. Our people after throwing targas at me they don’t have a bag of tea, after throwing teargas at me they don’t even have an underwear to wear. After throwing targas at me, their shoe is still opened wide.
Mr Sikhala I saw your zvidobi. They are zvidobis of the struggle. Aaah Maiguru, are these the dobis you are getting at home? LAUGHTER.

The first thing is love the second thing is hope the third thing is sacrifice.

This is the life of Morgan Tsvangirai.
Everywhere I go people are saying Nelson Chamisa Morgan Tsvangirai left you directions to the way.
I will not be misled.
Mnangagwa does not have a clue. Chiwenga has no clue.

Today as we speak what Morgan tsvangirai talk about hope he said no matter how difficult life becomes you remain holding onto hope you will get there. We will get there we will get there when we get there.

Tsvangirai represented sacrifuce. He used to eat bans and cream soda. He was a basic man. That is what I said no matter how broke we are we must never compromise the struggle.

Our only gift to the people is to lead them and deliver the struggle. Real love is to represent the people and to do what they want.
Yes, we will correct the problems of Masvingo party leadership. We want to ensure we get 26 out of 26 not what we saw in Mwenezi(sic).

Can ZANU win over here?
Tsvangirai was a man of love and unity he told me to unite with Biti and Welshman. The vision has got nothing to do with too many people a vision is with one person.

So to all those who follow when I say jump you must jump when I say run you must run. That is why you see soldiers are told to march left right left right.

We said that this year we have 5 critical zones:
Number 1 – the fight we have is that there must be a people’s government not this one of the constitutional court not this one of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

When people are brave and they stand up to it guns will not work the sound of the gun will not be heard.

Mnangagwa tells people that they must eat potatoes and vegetables while he himself is feasting on meat while he is on a private jet.

Number 2 – We are fighting for a people’s budget not the kind of life that we are seeing when people cannot afford basics we want our dignity returned to the people.

Number 3 – We want to address the problem of corruption. We are missing $3bln. Who is responsible Mr Biti?

Biti replies: it is Mnangagwa!
I said those people I will tell you myself.

They know what we are doing.
The 4th thing – is the one that we have come here such as this one of Sikhala. We are struggling with this issue of Mashurugwi. We must not call them that. They are Mnangagwa’# people.
Number 5 – is the issue of the constitution Emmerson Mnangagwa is messing with the constitution; he is now possessed with the demons of Ian Smith and Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe changed this 19 times, Mnangagwa wants to change it 27 times in one year.

So what is the way forward the way forward is for you and me where you are, looking at me, let us fix our country there is no one else with powers more than you as an individual, everyone let us fix the country we don’t want to get to May, June while we are in this problem, we can fix it. Until when will we drink from boreholes? While we use generators?

What kind of a country is that in which: school fees rtgs; a whole government forming a committee of roller meal! A whole government setting up a committee for mealie meal.

If you give us this thing we will not take a day before you start enjoying the country and getting suffocated with goodness

I told Emmerson Mnangagwa why don’t we use the United States dollars while we fix the country?

give the soldiers the US dollar give the police officers the US dollars so that people can survive, why do you want the people to live on rtgs dollars?
Let us not insult others. MDC let us be full of love.
My last words that I leave you the people of this province that one has been on this issue of dialogue.

I told him I am ready to talk, I had been sent by our council. We want to give peace a chance and so I told Emmerson Mnangagwa let us agree, you stole the elections we are not going to go ahead to 2023 before we are clear that you stole the elections.

There will be no elections in this country until we resolve this issue. The elections must be respected. This year we have a right to fix the country all of us all of us all of us all of us all of us all of us.

Emmerson Mnangagwa will not be able to run this country he is refusing dialogue.

And now he is busy saying Nelson Chamisa is the problem. I am advising him that this country is burning. I am saying to him hear me so that we can fix this country before it is too late.



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