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“Marry Us Both” says Twins

Thembisile twins

When one man asked for Thembi’s hand in marriage, she told him her sister was part of the marriage.

But prospective husband Sipho Njomane (40) has said it was against his religion to have two wives. “I don’t know what to do. I’m getting old and Thembi is the right person for me,” he told the Daily Sun.

Thembi said she didn’t know what would happen. “I love Sipho, but I can’t marry him and leave my sister behind.”

Thembisile said they lost their parents when they were very young. “We knew we had to stand together no matter what. We vowed that if a man loves only one of us, he’s not good enough for either of us.”

Cultural expert Mtimande Ngwenya said the twins were taken as one, so if Sipho marries them both his religion won’t be affected.

“It’s not like marrying two different people from different families,” he said.