Marry Mubaiwa’s Brother Arrested In South Africa!

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Keith T Mambo
Keith T Mambo
Keith T. Mambo is currently a reporter for ZiMetro News . He focuses on identity politics for The Southern Eye. He was previously a fellow at the UCT University of Cape Town for Political Science.

Marry Mubaiwa’s Brother Arrested In South Africa!

SOUTH African police have arrested Sam Mubaiwa on suspicion of running a cartel involved in a spate of vehicle theft and human trafficking in Pretoria.

Sam, the son of former Dynamos chairman Kenny, was arrested over the weekend, after police were tipped off by residents of an estate of suspicious activities at a house.

His residence was raided, and police found unregistered vehicles and more than 20 number plates.

H-Metro is in possession of some of the discussions, between the estate residents, amid the drama of the police raid.

“Dear residents, the suspect staying in Stand 191 is still at large in the estate,” read one of the messages.

“Stolen vehicles found at 191 plus 20+ number plates.

“Resident of 191 will be refused entry into our estate. Police in charge, drone will search the estate tonight.

“Please keep all doors locked, and lights on.

“Stand 191 was used as a storage/cool off point for stolen vehicles by the resident – Zimbabwe citizen, for some time now.

“The suspect ran away from the police last night, but was arrested this morning.

“We tracked several vehicles that he brought into the estate with his credentials, abusing our security systems.”

The conversation continued:

“It is the same resident that brought a court order against us in July to reinstate his power, at your expense, not abiding by our rules, expecting us all to pay for his consumption of electricity, and water.

“We are opposing his bail and will not let him into our estate again. We want to thank Fidelity for their response and assistance, from the drone, and extra staff to advice given.”

Sam was accused of using his credentials to breach security systems.

Police also found children’s textbooks, cricket trophies and several files in the apartment, which is suspected to have been used as a storage house.

Sam has since appeared in a Pretoria magistrates’ court, which granted his further detention by police, who feel the Zimbabwean could be the link to a number of criminal activities, including human trafficking and rape.

The court also heard that Sam was on an outstanding warrant of arrest in Zimbabwe, and a copy of the document will be tendered, for the record.

He has been denied bail and will return to court soon.

Residents at the private estate say they were now living in fear and want Sam banned from the property.

It is also believed that Sam had initially failed to adhere to standards at the estate, but later obtained a court order against the 191 Homeowners Association in July, for reinstatement of power and water.

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