Married woman bashed for Loving neighbor, literally!

Married woman bashed for Loving neighbor, literally!
Charity Gumede

Married woman bashed for Loving neighbor, literally!

. . .WE’VE all heard of the saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself”

For Charity Gumede from Bulawayo’s Makokoka suburb, this Biblical verse took the leap from being mere advice to a s..ex scandal, when she severely bashed her neighbor Lisa Matsunga for trying to live true to it by allegedly having an illicit affair with her husband.

Married woman bashed for Loving neighbor, literally!
Charity Gumede

A married Matsunga was the epitome of humiliation in the suburb when she was given a thorough beating by Gumede after she accused her of being in love with her husband.

It is reported while bashing Matsunga, Gumede was demanding an explanation of what she was missing from her husband that was pushing her to be poked by her husband.

Matsunga’s explicit s..ex..ual exploits with her married neighbor that nearly cost her life, came to light at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a peace order against Gumede.

“May the court assist me by protecting me from the abuse that I’m being subjected to by my neighbor Charity Gumede. She is in the habit of insulting and beating me up while accusing me of having an affair with her husband. I used to be in love with her husband but we have terminated the relationship. I want the court to stop her from harassing me because I also have my own husband whom I’m staying with,” begged Matsunga.

She passionately requested the court’s intervention saying Gumede was still harassing her despite the fact that she had terminated the illicit relationship with her husband.

Gumede, however, defended her violent actions saying it was a stern reprimand against Matsunga for sleeping with her husband.

“It’s true that I assaulted her. I was just reprimanding her so that she stops sleeping with my husband. This was also after I had warned her several times to stop the illicit affair. It is, however, not true that she is no longer in love with him as they were last seen together on 11 January this year,” said Gumede.

Matsunga heaved a sigh of relief when the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted an order in her favor, instructing Gumede not to verbally or physically harass her or threaten her in any way.


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