Married Man Impregnates Sugar Mama’s Daughter

Luckmore Pongozani, 33, of Dzivarasekwa has done the unthinkable and impregnated his lover’s daughter.

Married Man Impregnates Sugar Mama’s Daughter

Not satisfied with cheating on his wife with his 42-year-old single mother lover, Pongozani turned his roving eye on his lover’s 16-year-old daughter. The teen who was in form two fell for Pongozani’s charms resulting in the two engaging in regular unprotected s_ex. After falling pregnant, the child stopped going to school and eloped to Pongozani.

However, further misfortune was to haunt the hapless child, as she was forced to return home after Pongozani was arrested for taking advantage of the fuel woes and selling diesel illegally on the black market. The unsurprisingly bitter single mother told H-Metro,

It was hard to believe until my daughter admitted that it is true. I still have a lot of questions to ask Luckmore, why he betrayed me in that manner I want to know why he did what he did, what pains me the most is that he has infected my daughter with HIV.

I have been dating Luckmore for three years now and my daughter knew about my affair with him but chose to date him behind my back.

I am a vendor but I made sure she goes to school, I provide everything for her but she does not appreciate it instead, she backstabs me. His family is aware and he has instructed his sister to look after my daughter since he is in remand, but the sister asked me to keep her for a while because she has not settled yet since she recently gave birth.

Luckmore’s sister Abigail Pongozani confirmed the matter saying,

What my brother has done is unacceptable. He has wronged her lover by impregnating her daughter. I knew that he was having an affair with the single mother although he is married but did not imagine him going after the daughter of his lover.



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