Home LOCAL NEWS Married Man Clashes With Thigh Vendor Over A Burst Condom

Married Man Clashes With Thigh Vendor Over A Burst Condom

Married Man Clashes With Thigh Vendor Over A Burst Condom

Married Man Clashes With Thigh Vendor Over A Burst Condom

There was drama on Heroes Day alongside Leopold Takawira when a married man clashed with a thigh vendor over a burst condom.

Stanley Mutema’s neighbours at The Shelter Court where he resides, witnessed the free drama when thigh vendor Elizabeth Mutetwa dragged him, demanding money.

Mutema had to convince Mutetwa to go to a nearby bar along Fife Avenue to resolve their issues.

Mutetwa claimed to have met medical expenses amounting to US$43 following the bursting of a condom during her mjolo session with Mutema sometime in July this year.

Mutema said he paid for the services rendered but the latter was now extorting him whenever she had no money.

“I hooked up with this lady during the night and took her to my apartment like any other man to satisfy myself,” said Mutema.

“We realised during the discussion that we both come from the same rural area but I paid for the services rendered.

“It is true that the condom burst during the mjolo session. I have not yet consulted my doctor following the incident.

“She demanded money for treatment and I gave her US$10 on that day and she later came asking for more claiming that she had paid US$43.

Married Man Clashes With Thigh Vendor Over A Burst Condom

“I gave her another US$20 and she took one of my blankets to her flat and returned it the following day and I gave her the balance but she came today demanding a total of US$43.

“To me this lady is extorting me, taking advantage that she knows where I stay and that I am married.

“One of my friends wanted to give her US$20 but I stopped him because she would visit me every time she fails to get money.

“She made noise at the flat drawing people’s attention,” said Mutema.

Mutetwa told H-Metro that Mutema was paying up for mjolo session and that of the medical treatment.

“Akanditora ndikamuitira zvaasina kuwana kumudzimai wake nekuti anogara Bulawayo,” said Mutetwa.

“I have been into mjolo work for more than 20 years now and being mindful of my health but Mutema put my health at risk following the condom burst.

“My children survive from my busy body so Mutema must not play hide and seek with me when he knows the exact amount he paid me.

“He has to pay for the session together with the medical expenses I paid for.

“He blocked my contact number, which is why I made noise at his apartment because he has been avoiding me.

“If he fails to pay me today I will take the issue to the police because he risked my life.

“He must not try to be clever by claiming extortion; he wanted to take me as his mistress because we come from the same village.

“Zvekumusha izvo ndezvekumusha; kuno kuHarare tinoita zvebasa saka ngaandipe mari yangu,” said Mutetwa.

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