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Married Lover vanishes, Leaves girlfriend with triplets


TWO-WEEK-OLD Eastview triplets, born after the separation of their parents, are reported to be starving.

The triplets, Mukudzei, Munenyasha and Mutsawashe, born to Rumbidzai Tsvangirai and Davison Nzuwa’s cries for help were heard by neighbours, who are also failing to provide them with infant formula.

Tsvangirai, a food vendor, told H-Metro that she was unable to work for the triplets due to the national lockdown.

She also said she and their father, a married man known as Nzuwa, had separated.

“My triplets are in danger. I’m failing to provide enough milk for them such that they cry day and night. Concerned neighbours came to find out why the triplets are always crying.

“I do not have anything suitable for the kids to feed on, and the national lockdown has kept me away from work where I used to get few dollars for survival.

Married Lover vanishes, Leaves girlfriend with triplets

“The father of the children seduced me and I gave in unaware that he was married, only to face the truth upon falling pregnant and what I went through during the nine months is for God to judge.

“The neighbours give me food to eat, but I still don’t have infant formula for the babies. This is making my life miserable, forcing my neighbours to call the media.

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“I regret being fooled by a married man and this was a disgrace to my parents and relatives. My elder sister knows how I’m suffering, but she is unable to look after me and my triplets.

“Ndikawana mukaka wevana nesipo zvembatya dzekupfeka ndinozvionerawo. Ndinogona kucheka dzimwe mbatya dzangu ndovaputira nekuti varikutonhorwa zvakanyanya,” said Tsvangirai in tears.

Contacted for comment, Nzuwa confirmed he was the triplets’ father and explained he was not taking care of them.

“I am the father to the triplets and the problem I am faced with is unemployment, and I am married to my first wife so things are a challenge,” said Nzuwa.

He added: “I failed to buy anything for the triplets because I do not have enough to feed two houses apa Mwari vabva vandipa vana vatatu nguva imwechete pakaoma mumwe wangu.

“The national lockdown has blocked some of my sources of income and this has negatively affected the triplets, although I love them and their mother.

“To be honest with you leaving home without a satisfactory explanation to my wife is non-starter considering that she is aware of the triplets,” said Nzuwa.

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