Zapu Spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa has said he has met with the Zimbabwean International Electoral Observation Mission’s King Norman Rudi and Sonia Mickevicius to talk on the current prevailing electoral situation.

“We had a long discussion that touched on various issues pertaining this 2018 election. Chief among these issues was the prospects of a free and fair election in Zimbabwe, to which I categorically said it remains a Pipedream until reforms are implemented,” he said.

“Also was a discussion on our campaign in Bulawayo Central, our manifesto and challenges we may be facing. Our impressive party manifesto was discussed also, as I unpacked on ZAPU’s pledge to make Zimbabwe work for everyone. Security situation in the period leading to polls also came under the spotlight.”

Maphosa is the Zapu candidate for Bulawayo Central constituency.

He said he there to serve and give #GenuineRepresentation.

#Vote Thembani Maphosa MP for Bulawayo Central,” he said.



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