FC Platinum coach Norman Mapeza has expressed disappointment at how the referee handled their game against Ngezi Platinum Stars yesterday.

The Pure Platinum Play lost 2-1 to Ngezi, but Mapeza felt the match official was not even.

“It was okay, the guys did well. We are still in the preparations of the season, you know of course we wanted to get a positive results.

“But I thinks it’s difficult, you know everybody saw what happens.

“To me it makes football lose its value because if somebody can come and do this, we are all bread winner in our families, we have got players surviving through football but someone cannot come and take the show like this, it’s sad for football.

“We were complaining about other things but the officiating thing is the issue, I don’t know where we are heading to.

“I’m not saying we are not supposed to lose but if the officiating is like this…” he said.

Gift Bhelo was send out a few minutes to play, a call that did not go down with the FC Platinum team.

“There was a foul there I think everybody saw it, but I don’t know what Bhelo said to the match official but I think he was complaining about that foul so I think that’s when he got a red card, I can’t really say what I heard or what he said, I’m not really sure about it.

“We are okay, this is just like a preseason tournament to prepare us psychologically but if the guy can come and take the show like this it’s sad.”

In other news, UFIC Couple Dupes Church Member US$11 000

A UFIC couple stands accused of duping their church member of more than US$11 000.

UFIC Couple Dupes Church Member US$11 000

Elvis Chigazira and his wife Tafadzwa Chibare are alleged to have duped their fellow church member Pervia Chigwida of US$11700 in deal to import cement from a neighbouring country.

Chigwida and her brother Talent Lungu posted the couple’s wedding photograph on…Learn More


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