Mangudya Dumps Local Industries, Says RBZ Wont Provide Forex For Importers

Companies and individuals seeking to import basic commodities following the lifting of the import ban will have to use free funds, freeing the central bank from having to raise funds for the imports, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya has said.

With most basic commodities in short supply, while the prices of those available are shooting up daily, government sought to mitigate the scarcities by lifting the suspension of imports by suspending Statutory Instrument (SI) 122 of 2017, which regulated the importation of certain basic goods.

“Those people with their own money, including those people from the diaspora or anyone with his own money, can bring in products into Zimbabwe,” Mangudya said.


5 Things You Probably DIDN’T KNOW About Nyasha Mushekwi’s Ex Wife

Meet the lady of the hour, Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa ,ex wife to Warriors footballer Nyasha Mushekwi.

5 Things You Probably DIDN’T KNOW About Nyasha Mushekwi’s Ex Wife

Luminitsa has not only made waves for her curvaceous body which leaves most men drooling but she has been making waves for her relationship with former first lady Grace Mugabe’s son….more here


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