Man Tragically Killed Over Meat

The sad case of a man who was killed after allegedly stealing meat in a shop took a bizarre twist when the grieving relatives and bitter resident stormed the shop where the brutal beatings occurred and dumped the coffin with the corpse on the entrance.

Man Tragically Killed Over Meat, Drama As Relatives Dump Body In Front Of ‘Murderer’s’ Shop

The now deceased Israel Mashinge reportedly got into Choice Supermarket and approached the butchery where he allegedly stole a portion of beef and hid it in his trousers

The deceased wasn’t aware of being under surveillance, upon exiting the shop he was grabbed by one of the accused persons who searched the victim and recovered the meat portion.

They proceeded to beat him up until he was unconscious then carted him in a Toyota Hiace and dumped him along a dusty road in Glen View 8 industrial site where he later succumbed to his injuries.

After body viewing the deceased’s relatives and neighbours ferried the corpse to the shop where he was allegedly murdered. They tried to break into the shop but they were blocked by the security.

“We want to put the corpse inside the shop, we know that the moment we do that he will fight for himself.

“We are angry and we know what we are doing is the only way of revenging,” said Tsungai Mashinge, an aunt of the deceased.

In their pursuit for ‘revenge’, the mourners left the grocery shop and went to the other shop in Glen Norah B which is also believed to be owned by the same person.

“We are not apologetic over everything that is going on and if the police are going to come and try to stop, us we will deal with them.

“Our aim was to break into the shop and take the corpse inside so that we do our rituals there.” they said.