Man testifies against wife In Defense Of ‘Small House’

A promiscuous Harare man left the court stunned after testifying against his wife for allegedly assaulting his lover.

Man testifies against wife In Defense Of ‘Small House’
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Faith Matoeke appeared before Magistrate Tafadzwa Miti facing allegations of assaulting her husband’s ‘small house’ Tracy Manyuwa who had applied for a protection order against her.

Faith’s Husband, only identified as Baba Rich took his lover’s side and confirmed the allegations saying that

”My wife assaulted my girlfriend and I am not happy about it, this is not the first time she has done that but this time she went too far ganging up with frienfs to assault my girlfriend at her home. Today I am here testifying against her because I cannot tolerate this anymore. We need a protection order against her,” he said.

Manyuwa said that Matoeke’s actions where no longer justified since she was no longer having an affair with her husband.

”Baba Richard and I seperated in 2014 so this woman should stop sending her friends to my house to assualt and verbally abuse me. She calls me a prostitute infront of my children and neighbours”

In response, Matoeke denied the allegations and disputed the fact the two lovebirds had separated insisting that her friends had recently seen the two of them together.

The accused also went on to say that the two were using their matrimonial home as a love nest in her absence and bonking on their bed.

The presiding magistrate postponed the case to December 10 for Judgement and asked the two parties to bring their witnesses.

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