Man Suffers Mob Justice After Stabbing Thigh vendor For Being ‘Tasteless’

A man who stabbed a thigh vendor for demanding her money escaped death by a whisker after the mob pummeled him.

Man Suffers Mob Justice After Stabbing Thigh vendor For Being ‘Tasteless’

The man, identified as Itai, stabbed a woman identified as Sharon in full the glare of the public who reacted angrily and beat him up. He was saved by police intervention while Sharon lay on the ground in pain as others also came to her rescue.

After being helped to stability by onlookers, Sharon spilled the beans.

“He hired me for a session, after we finished he asked me to accompany him to look for change (money) and when we got to the corner of 9th Avenue and Herbert Chitepo Street he changed the story saying he won’t pay because I was tasteless and my item was too watery,” said Sharon.

“We had unprotected and he promised to pay me $25. He got angry and stabbed me at the same time calling me a desperate thigh vendor and warned that he would kill me,” she added.

Itai protested that he had paid for her services.

“I paid her but what angered me is that she invited her boyfriends to rob me so in self defence I had to hit her with fists and she lost consciousness in the process. I did not stab her,” said a bloodied Itai.

However, the mob did not buy his story and proceed to beat him up within an ounce of his life.

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