Man Spends Night With University Student At Lodge, Dumps Her Without Paying Bill

A MAN from Bulawayo allegedly dumped his girlfriend at a lodge to avoid paying for a room they had booked overnight and she was apprehended trying to flee without settling the $355 bill.

The woman, a student at a local university, appeared in court facing a making off without payment charge.

Her boyfriend is on the run.

Cassandra Munzabwa (18) appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Adelaide Mbeure who remanded her out of custody on free bail to November 16 for commencement of trial.

She pleaded not guilty.

Ms Sharon Chidavaenzi an employee at Serenity Guest Lodge represented thelodge.

Allegations are that Terrence Kuvarega (28) on October 10 at around 11AM booked a room at Serenity Guest Lodge in Kumalo, Bulawayo.

He ordered juice, lunch, water bottles and snacks from room service and the total bill amounted to $355.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said: “Munzabwa joined her boyfriend Kuvarega and they spent the night together.

“The next day Kuvarega left the woman in the room.”

The court heard he told his girlfriend that he was going to a business meeting and would return.

Hours passed and Kuvarega who had promised to pay the bills after the meeting was nowhere to be found.

The court heard Munzabwa communicated with her boyfriend and he told her to escape.

She allegedly sneaked out of the lodge.

“They both went away without paying the bills,” said the prosecutor.

They were reported to the police who tracked down Munzabwa and arrested her.

Kuvarega is still at large.


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