Man sets girlfriend on fire


Man sets girlfriend on fire.

In a very disturbing incident, a thirty-year-old man from Gutu doused his girlfriend with petrol before setting her on fire after being rejected.

Mechanic BURNT To Death As Drum Of Petrol Catches FireLiverson Mukubwa of Chingwai Village under Chief Ndahwi was convicted for allegedly setting his girlfriend Violet Tohwechipi on fire after she had ended their relationship.

The H-Metro reports that Mukubwa was only arrested, two years later when he returned from South Africa where he had fled.

Appearing before Justice Mawadze, Mukubwa was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty to the charge of murder.

Passing the sentence, Justice Mawadze lashed out at Mukubwa for being callous and unrepentant after lying before the court in a bid to avoid justice.

”Your actions were premeditated and you did not even show remorse by lying during cross-examination, to evade justice. How dare you set your lover on fire because she has turned down your attempt to reconcile with you?

”You are a very dangerous person who even deserved a death sentence if the pitilessness that you demonstrated is anything to go by,” said Justice Mawadze. Prosecutor Sophia Busvumani told the court the events that led to the sad incident.

The court heard that in 2014 in Mafuva village under Chief Neuripi, Mukumbwa visited Tohwechipi at her place of residence. Upon his visit, the two are alleged to have had an altercation resulting in her ending the couple’s affair.

This, however, did not settle well with Mukubwa who apparently had come from purchasing petrol which he was carrying in a 5-litre container. Mokuba then doused her with the flammable liquid before setting her alight.

Tohwechipi then screamed, attracting the attention of a nearby villager Rabson Mapasure, who then rushed to the scene where he found her lying down n_aked with the worst degree of burns on her skin.

Tohwechipi was then rushed to Nerupiri Clinic where she was transferred to Masvingo General Hospital where she later passed on.



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