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Man ‘punished’ over rentals…forced to clean rooms

Man 'punished' over rentals...forced to clean rooms

A Harare man, Thulani Roy Dhlamini was on Tuesday forced to clean the guest house he had booked over non-payment of rentals.

Thulani, who is popular for reportedly consuming beer worth $87 000 last year at Club Sankayi owned by socialite Genius Kadungure, was ordered to clean the house he had stayed in for two weeks.

On Tuesday, it is reported that he had booked to stay at the residence before having a altercation with the property owner who then shared the dissension on social media.

The rentals’ war is over US$240. Videos and pictures of Thulani and his partner cleaning, which were taken at corner 6th and Kwame Nkrumah West Minister Court, Grey building, Number 316, are circulating on social media.

Close sources say Thulani is always in the company of his female partner identified as Natasha Dube. Several people are alleging that they have fallen victim to him and are labeling him as a great scammer.

Man 'punished' over rentals...forced to clean rooms

Contacted for comment, Thulani admitted to the issue and blamed his landlady for failing to solve the issue amicably.

“Everyone is aware that rentals are a challenge especially during this time of fighting Covid-19 and these guys are taking advantage of previous issues. “We agreed that I would pay in cash, but I am having challenges with my accounts of which I will pay.

“How can she take the issue to social media and I am not on the run as alluded on social media. How would I be answering your call if I am on the run?

“I am admitting that I owe her US$240 but haisi nyaya yekuti inoiswa paFacebook. I only stayed for 15 days and I am going to settle the issue.” Asked to comment on other cases raised against him, he said: “People are using my back-ground and I admit that I did wrong.

I made a mistake when I had an issue at Club Sankayi, but that issue was settled and dealt with. “It’s now character assassination because I did something way back and people are bringing it now.

“You are journalist, you can go and verify all these cases raised against me with the police. “It’s just social media doing the character assassination, worse with my age. Imagine how people will see me,” he said.

However, a close source who was at the house said, Thulani is not clean. “He is busy scamming people in Harare, Gweru and Bulawayo.

Man 'punished' over rentals...forced to clean rooms

“So within 24 hours, Thulani Roy Dhlamini and Natasha Dube, had already pounced on their next target. “It was easy to track them down in the Avenues and on arrival, security guard said yes they indeed are booked in one of the Units. “On getting to the Unit, Natasha claimed Roy had just left but was coming back yet he was hiding in the wardrobe.

“Fast forward, they got kicked out after being exposed and we proceeded with them to our place and ordered them to clean up their mess and wash up all the linen and rugs.

“After that the two were dropped off at Central Police Station as a matter of a safe drop off zone. “As law abiding citizens, we would very much appreciate publicising such scams to save possible victims from what we went through,” said the source.

Another source alleges that Thulani ran away from South Africa without paying his dues after using fraudulent messages. “Very young Zimbabweans confirmed a Full Month Booking via Air BnB and submitted a fraudulent FNB POP.

“They checked in on 1 July and took a hike last Friday pretending they are away for the weekend and will return plus also settle the payment in cash.

“He claimed he will find out why payment isn’t in your bank as yet. We already established via FNB SA Fraud Team that the alleged payment is a computer generated fraudulent POP.

“A case was opened against them in Zimbabwe on Saturday under IR 070985 investigations. “They are obviously on the run.

We want to expose them and stop them from pouncing on unsuspecting victims in future.” Further allegation are that Natasha, who once grabbed headlines in the H-Metro, is working in connivance with Thulani reportedly making fraudulent online bookings and pouncing on unsuspecting victims.


Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman.

He was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a gas company, Pioneer Gases which has interests in Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. He was also the owner of Dreams Nightlife Club...read more