A Chivi robber was arrested on a murder charge after he forgot his exclusive sandals at the crime scene where he allegedly killed and robbed a woman of 25 cents.


The sandals are said to be exclusive as they were tied with wire and villagers easily identified them, assisting police during their investigations.

Hosiah Vengesai was sold out by his sandals which he left at the scene where he and an accomplice attacked and robbed the now deceased Varaidzo Sibanda.

Vengesai’s partner in crime Wellington Maphosa was also arrested.

It is reported that the two men connived to rob the now deceased and they laid an ambush at a bushy area where they attacked and robbed her.

They left her for dead and she died upon admission to Zvishavane Hospital. The court heard that sometime in October, the duo hatched a plan to rob people walking from Zvishavane town to Kufa village.

They pounced on the now deceased who was walking alone and ordered her to surrender all her belongings.

When she resisted, they reportedly stabbed her numerous times all over the body and they took away her handbag.

The woman was robbed of two litres of water, 25 cents, wrapping cloth, wallet and a dish towel.

The duo left the woman lying in a pool of blood and she was found by villagers who ferried her to hospital and reported the matter to police.

The sandals at the crime scene helped police to track down the suspects who were later found with the woman’s stolen items.

Vengesai and Maphosa appeared before Zvishavane magistrate Shepherd Mjanja and were remanded in custody to 14 December.



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